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Welcome to the Eastern Branch of the OASW Blog facilitated by Bill Dare.

All of us at the eastern branch of the Ontario Association of Social Workers (OASW) are just learning how me might use Information Communication Technology (ICT) and social media to advance dialogue and knowledge sharing within the profession. This Blog is one method.

Please join in sharing your perspectives via the comments sections, where I will be able to help to “coordinate” the dialogue; for lack of a better word. I also can be contacted at:

Bill Dare


  1. Evariste Theriault

    Je suis passablement perturbé par le retrait de l’ATTSO de l’ACTS. La survie et le bon fonctionnement de l’organisation nationale demeure une priorité à mon point de vue et sans l’adhésion des organismes provinciaux, cette survie est grandement en danger. La perspective nationale est primordiale, et le retrait de l’ATTSO ne fait que renforcir une perspective purement provinciale ou régionale. Bien que le travail social est une responsabilité provinciale, sa force et efficacité ne peuvent être atteintes sans une perpective nationale et même internationale.

    Evariste Thériault

  2. Reuel Amdur

    The actions being taken by OASW threaten the very existence of CASW and as well threaten to drive people out of OASW. The demise of CASW would leave us without a voice nationally and internationally. This situation is so serious that our branch should move no confidence in the OASW president Kate Powers and should call for the dismissal of Executive Director Joan Mackenzie-Davies. Can this matter come to the branch’s annual meeting, or is it a matter for the board?