Martha Wiebe “CASW has helped to elevate and bring credibility to the profession of social work”

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….I am very disappointed that the OASW Board has decided that the CASW does not provide sufficient value.  While questions might well be raised about the value provided by OASW I have been very pleased with the activist stance that CASW has take over the past several years.  CASW has been a strong voice on numerous national issues, critiquing federal budgets, action (or inaction) by the  government on housing, seniors, child care, social supports and many other issues and CASW has been a regular presence at national discussion tables.  CASW has helped to elevate and bring credibility to the profession of social work.
Further I am distressed by the process used by OASW.  Where is the transparency?  I understand that this decision resulted from a motion passed in a teleconference meeting at the end of September. Why the rush and why the lack of consultation with the membership?
Martha Wiebe


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  1. Reuel Amdur

    The suspension decision is appalling. Question one: Do we want to destroy our national professional organization? It would leave us with no organization to speak for us. It would fracture the profession. The diifficulties go back to the time when a decision was made to turn CASW into an organization of organizations (provincial & territorial), rather than of individuals. Quebec’s withdrawal should have been the trigger which would cause action to reverse that error, which under our present misguided provincial leadership can prove fatal to CASW. OASW cannot help to carry out the needed reorganization of CASW if it is not at the table.

    It should be noted that, just as this terrible decision will in all likelihood kill CASW, so too it threatens OASW. I am hearing from various members that, should OASW persist in this madness, they will terminate their memnbership. Add your voice on this issue. It is a matter of urgency.