Global Report on Social Work and Social Development, practice meets ethics

Via Phillipe Duarte’s facebook  (Phd student, Carleton SSW) page, this report may help us in the local/front-line to weave our interventions with policy with a “truly” macro approach, despite the leap involved for most of us to think, “internationally.”

It would be interesting to learn from practitioners if and how we are able to use this in practice, rather than a distant idea of policy type academics irrelevant to our day to day.  Does this approach fly in any way? Any case examples up your sleeves?

Would be also useful to know if our organizations like CASW, OASW actually utilize the concepts and of course is there any collaboration between the two to help us along?

‘The First Global Report on Social Work and Social Development: Promoting Social and Economic Equalities’ was launched in Melbourne, Australia today. “This marks a historic moment in the evolution of social work, bringing together practitioners, educators and social development workers in a shared vision”, said Dr Rory Truell, IFSW Secretary-General.

The report is built on examples of effective social work practice from around the world, illustrating the essential contribution of social workers to communities. IFSW Global Agenda Coordinator, Dr David N Jones, said: “social workers have an ethical duty to focus the world’s attention on the realities of social conditions and on the positive and effective solutions available to individuals, communities and governments”. …


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