Housing Answer asks city council candidates to pledge to increase financial support

A new coalition, The Housing Answer is asking Ottawa municipal candidates and citizens to pledge for more affordable housing;

So that people can access and maintain housing, the Housing Answer asks city council candidates to pledge to increase financial support for the city’s Ten Year Housing and Homelessness Plan by significant new funding, such as $2 million per year, ramping up to $8 million per year by 2018. City Council can deliver this funding commitment without raising taxes.

The Housing Answer is comprised of six local networks and non-profits: Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa, Coalition of Community Health and Resource Centres of Ottawa, Co-operative Housing Association of Eastern Ontario, Eastern Ontario Landlord Organization, Ottawa Social Housing Network, and Ottawa Supportive Housing Network.

Here is Ray Sullivan’s call out to engage

Hello colleagues and friends,

In 2010 we succeeded in getting the City to add $14million/year to the budget for housing and poverty reduction. We’re at it again!

We think there is an opportunity to increase that budget by another $8million/year.

But we need your help!

Be a part of the Housing Answer campaign, in five easy steps.

Step 1. Go to http://www.housinganswer.ca and pledge support.

Step 2. Go to https://www.facebook.com/HousingAnswer and “like”.

Step 3. Go to https://twitter.com/housinganswer and “follow”.

Step 4. Share, Tweet, e-mail and tell everyone what you think about affordable housing. Everyone. Really. Start by sharing this e-mail.

Step 5. Vote Housing.

If you aren’t part of the answer, you may be part of the problem! 😉

Raymond Sullivan
Executive Director
Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation
613-234-4065 extension 233


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