Brenda Bereczki talks with SWAG about level of care and regulation of retirement homes, Thursday November 20, 2014

from Beverlee McIntosh….Upcoming SWAG meeting

Thursday, November 20,  3:30 to 5PM, Colonel By Retirement Home, Third floor lounge, 43 Aylmer Avenue (parallel to Sunnyside, near Bank and the Canal)

 Guest Speaker: Brenda Bereczki, Communications Advisor,Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority

This session will explore the Retirement Homes Act, 2010, regulations and the role of the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority (RHRA) to protect residents.

Find out more about retirement home sector, licensing requirements, inspections, reporting and how to access the public registry.

This information will be useful in helping caregivers who are looking for care in a private retirement home.
You will be able to help them understand the level of care they can expect and eligibility for community services as well as how to judge the reputation of a facility before making the move.


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