Examining the value of private paid care in our community & the safe guards in place – Jan/22nd

Beverlee McIntosh outlines the focus of the next SWAG meeting,  Senior Care Resources in Private Industry 

There are so many private companies now providing a range of services for seniors, the SWAG steering committee thought our network would be interested in hearing from some of these agencies and ask questions about their quality of service/ standards and other feedback SWAG might like to give.

We can open a discussion about the value of private paid care in our community and ask if there are enough safe guards in place for this supplement to the public sector services. For social workers, this is the ‘elephant in the room’ and it is important that as a profession we think about private services in our health care system, the advantages and what we need to ensure is in place to maintain both cost control for society and quality control for clients. This SWAG panel has a broad range of expertise and can address a range of questions from our members.

Social Work Aging and Gerontology, meeting on Thursday January 22, 3:30 to 5PM

Colonel By Retirement Home 3rd floor lounge

43 Aylmer Avenue [parallel to Sunnyside, near Bank street and Canal]

Senior Care Resources in Private Industry

 The Three panelists are 

Jane Algire,    Senior Wise Services     http://www.seniorwiseservices.com/

Terry Black-Watson   VisaVie                http://visavie.com/en/

Christine McCool, the TRAC Group       https://www.tracgroup.ca/ 

The format will allow person on the panel will explain

Who they are

What they do

How are their services paid for,   Etc…

Then open for questions – people can send in questions in advance toBeverlee.mcintosh@gmail.com


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