We can’t close the housing affordability gap without the private sector, …Inclusionary Zoning Needed, …Say So–Friday Jan. 16 @ 12:00

Ray Sullivan calls for a more focused approach in our community to build affordable housing,to address the social determinants of health by asking us to SHOW up.

Hello friends and colleagues, Many of us in Ottawa have long advocated for “inclusionary zoning” regulations that would require all new housing developments to have some minimum level of affordability.

In fact, the City’s Official Plan already has similar provisions (section 2.5.2), but the provincial Planning Act doesn’t support strict enforcement.

There’s a new opportunity to change that. Liberal backbench MPP Peter Milczyn has introduced a bill to change the rules and give Cities the power to enforce Inclusionary Zoning.

Our allies at ACORN Ottawa have organized an event on Friday to push for this change (Friday, Jan.16 at 12PM, outside 340 Gloucester – corner of Gloucester and Bay).

They have even published this useful primer: https://www.acorncanada.org/resource/guide-developing-inclusionary-housing-program

I think we all need to recognize that we, as non-profits, charities and concerned citizens, can’t close the housing affordability gap without the private sector. Whatever combination of carrots and sticks it takes to get them to the table, we need them to be engaged.  Inclusionary zoning is just one more tool to get the job done.

Come and join the rally! Raymond Sullivan

Executive Director ww.ccochousing.org

Support Document below from ACORN

From: onacornot@acorncanada.org

Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2015 11:17 AM
To: Ray Sullivan
Subject: IZ Bill 39 Information

Ottawa ACORN Wants Inclusionary Zoning Now: The Housing Wait list Could Fit in a Sens Game!

For 8 years ACORN members across Ontario have been fighting for Inclusive zoning, a way for municipalities to use their development regulation and approval process to have private developers provide some affordable housing in all (or nearly all) market projects. Liberal MPP Peter Milczyn introduced a private member bill 39 – Planning Statute Law Amendment  Act, 2014-  that included a long needed fix to the Planning Act that would enable municipalities to move forward with needed mandatory inclusionary zoning by laws.

ACORN members will be sending a message to the Premier on January 16 urging immediate action on the Inclusionary amendment in Private Member Bill 39.

Members such as Michelle Walrond  has been on the wait list for 4 years and current pays $995 for her unit leaving her with $243 from her ODSP cheque at the end of the month: “I am barely getting by and we need Bill 39 to pass a soon as possible.”

Ontario is in desperate need of more affordable housing and Inclusive Zoning will be one way to help achieve this. The demand for affordable housing has been on a steady rise since 2006 and Ontario’s affordable housing wait list has climbed to over 165,000 households.

In Ottawa alone over 10,000 families wait for affordable housing. Everytime there’s an Ottawa Senators game in Ottawa, that’s how many people need affordable housing! 

When and Where?

Rally and Press Event Outside 340 Gloucester (corner of Gloucester and Bay) Friday, Jan.16 at 12PM

Contact Ottawa ACORN for information at 613 746 5999






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