WHO adolescent health care competencies

Diederik Aarendonk, promotes WHO adolescent health care competencies – via LinkedIN – Can. Associ of Community Health Centres list serve

WHO document prepared by lead writers Pierre André Michaud (University of Lausanne) and Valentina Baltag (World Health Organization); EFPC members assisted by reviewing the document.

Coordinator European Forum for Primary Care (EFPC) based at NIVEL

The WHO document “Core competencies in adolescent health and development for primary care providers” aims to help countries develop competency-based educational programmes in adolescent health and development in both pre-service and in-service education. In addition, it provides guidance on how to assess and improve the structure, content and quality of the adolescent health component of pre-service curricula. By fostering the capacity of health-care providers in adolescent health care and development, the document supports the implementation in countries of the Global Standards for Quality Health-Care Services for Adolescents.

At the heart of every health system, the workforce is central to improving health. A wide range of professionals are involved in health care for adolescents at the primary and referral levels, and progress towards universal health coverage for…



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