SWAG – Refresher on Geriatric Psychiatry services in Ottawa & review of screening of “the 3 D’s

Beverlee McIntosh On behalf of SWAG Steering Committee explains the focus of the next SWAG meeting Thursday February 19th 3:30 to 5PM

Colonel By Retirement Home, 43 Aylmer Avenue (parallel to Sunnyside, near Bank street and Canal)

Topic: “Let’s Talk: the 3 Ds in Older Persons” (Dementia, Delirium, Depression)

This program will be a refresher on Geriatric Psychiatry services in Ottawa as well as review for social workers to be on the alert for the 3D’s when they are dealing with elderly clients.

People new to the field of care of the elderly will find this presentation very helpful, especially if they do not work in a setting where there is psychiatric expertise.

Students studying Gerontology should also plan to attend this presentation which should be basic knowledge to all mental health professionals working with the elderly and their caregiver


Amanda Masterson, MSW, RSW

Geriatric Psychiatry Community Service


Carmelina Cimaglia, MSW, RSW

Royal Ottawa Geriatric Psychiatry









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