Town Hall on health care for adults with developmental disabilities and mental health or addictions issues in Ontario.

This initiative is contributing to building a strategy in Ontario that impacts on our daily practice  The recording of the town hall webnair can be reached via Portico and you will be able to further engage in contributing to the strategy,

Many of us are eager to address more effectively serving people living with a developmental disability.// // <!– –>// // //

“H-CARDD envisions an Ontario in which individuals with developmental disabilities receive better health care services and improved overall health. Health care policy in Ontario promotes client-centred care that is high-quality, efficient, and based on research evidence.”

Town Hall Mental Health and Addiction – Portico// // <!– –>// // //

This interactive Town Hall will provide an opportunity to discuss new research about the impact of a co-occurring mental illness and/or addiction among individuals with DD. We will describe and compare the following groups in terms of who they are, what kinds of health problems they have, and how they use health care:

  • Individuals with DD plus a mental illness and/or addiction (DD-plus group)
  • Individuals with DD but no mental illness or addiction
  • Individuals without DD

Of those with mental health or addiction issues, we will look more closely at:

  • Those who only have a mental illness
  • Those who have both a mental illness and an addiction
  • Those who have only an addiction

The goals of this Town Hall are to present and discuss H-CARDD research findings; to explore how these findings fit with the experiences of participants in different regions; to get input that can help shape recommendations; and explore opportunities to share findings.


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