Fast Tips/reminders on community focused research using surveys from CRICH

The Research Management reporting fact sheet is particularly great, from my view of community research.  Hop onto their list serve for ongoing information sharing.



For more information about CRICH’s Survey Research Unit, contact:

The Centre for Research on Inner City Health (CRICH) at St. Michael’s Hospital runs its own Survey Research Unit (SRU). The SRU has the capacity to undertake large-scale survey research in multiple languages using a range of techniques. Lately, they’ve been sharing some of what they’ve learned about the nuts and bolts of data collection, project management, survey design and much more. We’ve highlighted some of their amazing fact sheets below. For the whole archive, click here.

1. Research management reporting. A sexy topic? Not so much. But keeping track of the details – and keeping everyone in the loop – is the cornerstone of successful research. And the SRU threw in a dash of Bossa Nova to keep it interesting, bonus points if you can find it.

2.Survey types – how many are there, anyway? So many. From kiosks to voice response to in-person interviews, the SRU breaks down your options.

3. Collecting data from groups – what works best, and why? How can groups communicate with each other to collectively identify priorities, and generate information?  Find out about different methods of collecting qualitative data from groups of people including concept mapping, Delphi and focus groups.

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If you’re a member of the media interested in learning more about CRICH research, please contact the St. Michael’s Communications and Public Affairs department at 416-864-5034.




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