Conversational French language skills group to support clinical practice

Tracy Stocks is facilitating a weekly conversational French group for social workers/social work students.  See her email below

The group has an exclusive focus on discussing topics relevant to the social work field, so that we can learn the words and phrases commonly used in our work and also become adept at working with the nuances inherent in  Clinical work with Francophone clients/patients.

Additionally, we would like to provide an opportunity to teach and learn from one another, according to her/his level of French. This is a great opportunity for social work professionals and/or students to learn and/or maintain their conversational French language skills in an informal setting, thereby increasingly one’s marketability  when searching for employment or growing a private practice (for example).

One idea that we have is to hold mock therapy sessions and mock job interviews in French; another is to have a topic for each week that is relevant to social  work practice, and have participants take turns leading the discussion.

At the present time, we do not have any Francophone participants and are thus seeking Francophone students and/or professionals who would be interested in volunteering their language skills to our once-weekly group, in particular with regard to mock counselling scenarios and/or mock job interviews

We are currently meeting at Carleton and are still working on the logistics of which day and time the group will be held  each week.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in participating, I can be contacted at (of course, please feel free to forward this email as well).

Tracy Stocks, MSW, RSW


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