A parallel discussion of Housing First and the systems and structures to prevent homelessness

Lynn Sherwood from the Eastern Branch Ontario Association of Social Workers Social Justice Committee shared this report. This report can contribute to dialogue in Ottawa on implementation of Housing First and bridging it to prevention as well as settlement.  It draws on both frontline and system planner  perspectives.

The report’s aim is:

“It is not our intention to lessen the importance of front-line Housing First initiatives (or continuing to fund them), nor to negate the hard, often thankless work that agency staff do every day. Rather, it is our aim to hold a parallel discussion of what it would mean to genuinely prevent homelessness from occurring, and how we can ensure that the systems and structures are put in place so that workers are better able to assist Housing First participants”

“…it is necessary that parallel work be done to prevent homelessness from occurring so that Housing First programs can truly achieve their goals.”

from – Raising the Roof  Beyond Housing First: A Holistic Response to Family Homelessness in Canada.  Click here to read it:




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