Ingredients for community

From the Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement, enewsletter

In his book Deepening Community: Finding Joy Together in Chaotic Times, Paul Born outlines the four pillars of deep community: sharing our stories, taking the time to enjoy one another, taking care of one another, and working together for a better world. In this August edition of Seekers Journal, we highlight posts and resources that capture the space where all of these pillars come together forming what is known in the venn diagram as the “common elements”.

Jim Diers explores how having fun and being creative together can be the most effective form of social activism; Michael Jones delves into the power of leadership that creates space for spontaneous dialogue and collaboration; and the Festival of Neighbourhoods in Kitchener demonstrates that the celebration of people and place can lead to a deeper sense of belonging in communities.

We’d love to hear your stories of common elements. What brings your community together? How can we create spaces that inspire spontaneous dialogue and innovation? Visit our website to read more stories, gather more resources, and share your insights with us.


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