Organizations and daily practice

Thinking about organizations has often been of relevance to our social work knowledge base and everyday practice.  Relevant to both our actions within systems at individual, policy, and a growing emphasis in areas like research, evaluation and implementation of “good practice.”

Of course the broader societal and political parts are always in play in our everyday practice but it feels to me, to get psychological reductionist on you, that an organization’s involvement (mandates, paperwork, accountability, support, goals, attitude, intervention toolbox) with individual workers …matters as we grow in our practice.

Thus this new category “Healthy Organizations,” in

 Below is a post from topic we often hear of in our organizational cultures …”innovation,” Cameron Norman in his blog takes the topic further to “social inclusion.” 

Social innovation is about bringing new ideas, products and services out into society with others for social benefit and improving the lives of our communities. While not every innovation will benefit everyone, there is a need to examine more deeply the question of who benefits(?) when we consider social innovation and that means taking some hard looks at who we are innovating for. 

See the article here:

It would be great to hear from others on how they are managing their “organizational health.”



  1. Sue Lefebvre MSW, RSW, ACC

    This topic forms the backbone of my practice and I find it puzzling that more social workers are not invested in organizational health. In fact, the topic seems to be largely ignored. Although currently mostly dormant, I believe the topics of organizational health and workplace well being are potential social work growth areas. Sue Lefebvre MSW, RSW, ACC

  2. Bill Dare

    yah, really great gap, especially when you think that organizational politics are major links to individual burn out etc. I have an interesting article from the British Journal of Social work on the devide between frontline and administration, hope to share soon. Any you would recommend? Bill

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