Model of a process to PLAN to address “on the ground” community based program policies

Though not as client/consumer focused than our social work knowledge base would implement, the systematic approach to planning to address policy issues Kim Bergeron shares from Public Health Ontario is useful.

Conducting Situational Assessments in Six Strategic Steps: A pre-TOPHC workshop

Planning is a series of decisions, from strategic decisions to specific operational details, based on the gathering and analysis of a wide range of information.

According to the Core Competencies for Public Health in Canada and the Ontario Public Health Standards, all public health professionals are to be competent in program planning. The ability to conduct situational assessments is an important skill when planning a program. Situational assessments focus on the population of interest, trends, issues that may affect programming, and the wants, needs, and assets of the community. They are used to choose goals, target audiences and outcome objectives, and to identify the most promising strategies and activities for providing evidence-based programing.

See the case example from Ontario Public Health

Below is a little summary of steps they outline

Bill’s Cheat Sheet – Policy Approach

  1. The Problem
  • What making worse, what making better
  • Potential questions arising
  1. Data Gathering Plan
  • Status indictors
  • Research Findings
  • Community Stories – Focus Groups, surveys
  1. Gather data (literature)
  2. Organize, synthesize, summarize
  • Force Field analysis
  1. Communicate the information (to management, staff, clients)
  • Objectives, channel, products
  1. Consider How to proceed with PLANNING
  • tasks

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