Knowledge translation and organizations

Keith Adamson president of the Ontario Association of Social Workers in his province wide talking tour in 2014-15, focused on The Future of Social Work in Ontario, encouraged social workers to be more relevant to their organization’s operations and efforts towards innovation.

The article Knowledge translation in healthcare: A review of the literature by: Oborn, E., Barrett, M. and Racko, G. (identified by Stephen Downes “a leading voice in online and networked learning” )

provides an big picture overview of our developing understanding in integrating research with practice in both organizations and broader systems through knowledge translation.

…A critical issue, often discussed in terms of enabling innovation or competitive advantage, is the need for knowledge embedded within one community or organisational group to become available or known to members in a different community. As conceptualised by the notion of communities of practice (Lave and Wenger 1991, Brown and Duguid 1991, Wenger 1998) knowledge is learned within a social context; individuals who are not familiar with, or members of, a given social context are likely to ascribe a different meaning or understanding to a specified knowledge set

(from article introduction)


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