Promising dialogue by Alberta College to advance social work’s presence in Canada

Richard Gregory president of ACSW reported to his Alberta College members on the potential to rejoin CASW in 2016

CASW update

In June, I attended the Canadian Association of Social Work Regulators’ meeting in Prince Edward Island, which followed the Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) meeting. Lynn Labrecque King and I met with the president and executive director of CASW to discuss ACSW rejoining CASW. It was a very good meeting. A few weeks afterwards, Executive Director Fred Phelps, let me know the executive had approved the proposal and the next step would be to take it to the members. He felt confident it would be well received, and by the time you read this, our negotiations will likely have advanced much further. Under the proposal, our goal is to be back with CASW in spring 2016.

(see page 11, The Advocate, Fall 2015)

For more context of this issue and how it relates to social workers in Ontario, please see this brief video



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