CCPA – Ontario, one resource in the policy and practice …dance

The resources each of us need to address, and understand the issues we face everyday are many and varied, be they the local OASW Social Justice Group, ACORN, Ottawa Social Planning Council… and the list goes on.

Our individual capacity to manage each step and integrate both an analysis with the “realpolitik” we are immersed in daily practice is another matter.  It would be inspiring to hear how others do this.

Happily the days of separating policy from practice in some kind of top down approach, even if it was a progressive one is well recognized as dubious to the implementation of policies and the ensuing organizational score cards/dashboards .

Managerialism needs to meet up with front line staff to advance policy– dialogue, research, and knowledge sharing.

The CCPA -Ontario, is potentially helpful in this, for example:

….Ontario began unfolding its plan to reduce poverty in 2008. And today marks the first anniversary of the province’s announcement that it is committed to a second poverty reduction strategy, including the bold and welcome commitment to end homelessness in Ontario.

Early data showed that the first strategy made a difference, reducing child poverty by 9% in the first three years…

The CCPA’s Ontario Office specializes in provincial and municipal issues. We deliver original, independent, peer-reviewed, non-partisan research that equips progressives with the arguments they need to press for social change.

Their website


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