Is the Canada Health Act Enough?

Dr. Shahbaz Syed provides a useful overview of what is happening around the Canada Health Act and the federal and provincial roles within it, with a nod to the current electioneering.

the Front Door to Healthcare.

The Federal government must engage in a healthcare discussion with Canadians; but the problem is that they’re not.

Lets be frank, Federal politicians don’t care about healthcare. They may say they do, but that is a fairly superficial statement, exemplified by the fact that none of the major parties have released a significant healthcare platform leading into the national election. This a major concern, because healthcare consistently ranks as a top priority amongst Canadian voters.

Further proof that federal politicians are reluctant to discuss healthcare comes from the lack of promotion and discussion regarding the Naylor report. The Naylor report was an advisory committee on Healthcare innovation and was supposed to be presented at a news conference in the spring – but was canceled and quietly published with little fanfare once it was revealed that it did not shine a favourable light on the state of healthcare innovation and support.

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