Adverse Childhood Experiences Study and the Lifespan impacts –“Learn at Lunch” seminar

Ron Ensom announced the Ottawa Community Committee on Child Abuse (OCCCA) will share a key study that helps our ” understanding of the mechanisms by which Adverse Childhood Experiences influence health and well-being throughout the lifespan.” Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study Pyramid

ACE Study – Part 1
The term “ACE” has become part of our
professional vocabulary. The landmark
ACE study is a paradigm shift in our
understanding of the mechanisms by
which Adverse Childhood Experiences
in,uence health and well-being
throughout the lifespan.
In the next two LAL’s, the ACE study’s
principal researchers Vincent Feli1i, MD
and Robert Anda, MD will present, via
DVD, the study’s findings and implications.

Friday, November 13, 2015 12-1:30 pm Location:
820 Woodroffe Ave, Ottawa

RSVP by November 6
Contact OCCCA at

poster is here: OCCCA Learn at Lunch #3_Nov 13

For study background, here is a “start”



  1. Bill Dare

    this event could be a good primer, for the talk in Nov.
    Special Presentation

    Thursday October 15, 2015
    12:00-1:00 p.m
    Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre Associates in Psychiatry Auditorium
    VideoConferenced to the Community Health Program-Carlingwood
    FTU-320 Brockville

    Dr. Sanjay Rao is proud to welcome

    Dr. Diane McIntosh

    “How Does Early-Life Adversity Impact the Development of Later-Life Psychopathology?”

    Learning Objectives
    To discuss the role of early-life adversity in the development of later-life psychopathology
    To discuss our developing understanding of the neurobiology associated with early-life adversity
    To consider the “chronic care” model of depression treatment, in the context of our growing understanding of the often chronic and progressive nature of major depressive order

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