Codesign “….workers and leaders can often best find the gaps that matter by listening very carefully to the people they serve: patients and families.”

Glenn Robert and team members in an article from the British Medical Journal  “argues” …

…patients can and should take a more direct and ongoing role in identifying, implementing, and evaluating improvements to healthcare services. We discuss examples of projects in which patients and staff have worked together and suggest that codesign methods have the potential to make patient centred services a reality.5 6


I find the researchers focus on both separation and then bringing together both patients and front line workers that go into working groups an inspired approach to be able to cooperate with organizational leadership.

Key messages

  • Codesign represents a radical reconceptualisation of the role of patients and a structured process for involving them throughout all stages of quality improvement

  • Our focus needs to shift away from collecting more data on patient experience towards embedding codesign as a way of doing things

  • Evidence is growing about the effectiveness of codesign approaches but lack of evaluation of other approaches makes comparison difficult

Got to say the graphic is rather fun too!


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