“If you get benefits from … ODSP, you can still get the $100 Work-Related Benefit”

The Income Security Advocacy Centre http://incomesecurity.org/ provided this update on work benefits

…The government was going to get rid of the ODSP Work-Related Benefit and six other employment benefits in OW and ODSP and replace them with a single new employment benefit in each program. The change was supposed to happen October 1, 2015.

The government has decided to put the change on hold until they make decisions about bigger changes to the social assistance system. They changed their minds because of a campaign led by people on ODSP and their allies. Decisions will only be made after talking to people on OW and ODSP and other stakeholders.

See the details here: ODSP_Work-Related_Benefit_Is_Still_Available_-_Oct_2015



  1. Reuel Amdur

    The changes from time to time in treatment of employment-related income in both OW & ODSP simply leave recipients confused and uncertain. They do not therefore encourage work. Furthermore, the more generous allowances for work-related income for ODSP versus OW simply a perpetuate the old distinction between the worthy poor and the unworthy. They are counterintuitive.

  2. Bill Dare

    You are so right to say for people that the— “treatment” of employment related income, be it setting a goal of a few hours of work or aiming for full time is counter intuitive. Much confusion around topic, especially if someone is late by a week providing income update to ODSP, as letter sent and cheque/rent “frozen. To ODSP worker and management’s credit,quickly fixed once completed but for sure some kind of punishment with the automatic suspension.

    At the implementation level of this example, few business or employer would ever operate in such a manor as giving the worker the benefit of the doubt, shall I say– would be standard practice, at least for the first payment to sort out the issue. Most people would say, fair enough that if not addressed by next pay, suspension it is until addressed.

    But Reuel, your point about the policy plan, put on hold that was heading to change employment related benefits would be a Ontario wide confused strategic message to people living on ODSP and the idea of work. It would be interesting to hear more what the actual purpose by the ministry was. Is it a matter of confused implementation?

    As a front line worker I can see a vital need for ODSP and the ministry to review employment supports, share what the outcomes have been the last ten years, as mixed success, especially with the employment broker model; community enterprise component of the broker model, initiated more than a decade ago by the Ontario Conservatives.

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