Social Workers’ Guide to Assisting Families with Funeral Planning – Presentation February 1/16

Beverly McIntosh from Social Work and Aging and Gerontology (SWAG) shared upcoming workshop information:  “Funeral costs in Ottawa are amongst the highest in North America while, across the river in Gatineau, the cost for the average funeral is the least expensive in Canada. People seeking funeral services are often not aware that sales representatives are paid on commission; families may be vulnerable to upselling and lack of transparency in pricing.”

As Vice-president of the Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa I am arranging a presentation to provide social workers with important information to help them to guide families who are anticipating a death, or who have suffered an unexpected death and need guidance.

We will cover a broad range of information:

□How does the funeral system work in Ontario?
□How do families transport remains to other provinces/ countries?
□What legislation must be followed and how might it limit cultural preferences when preparing a funeral?
□What does EHSS cover and what can families to do enhance funerals when the deceased was on a low income?
□How can a social worker help a vulnerable family to make choices within their budget and avoid up-selling traps which are so common in the funeral industry?

NB This presentation is intended for professionals working in the health care field.

Social Workers’  Guide to Assisting Families with Funeral Planning

Presentation by Beverlee McIntosh, MSW., and Sherri  Yazdani, LLM.
Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa.

Monday, February 1, 2016; 5PM to 6PM

St. Margaret’s Anglican Church,  206 Montreal Road ( just east of Vanier Parkway)

To help me organize numbers for seating set-up   Please RSVP:

The not-for-profit Funeral Co-operative of Ottawa operates on a model using community resources and a range of options for traditional or simple funerals and memorial services. This presentation will provide general information about the funeral industry and how social workers who practice in end of life care can guide families to prepare for appropriate and dignified funeral services. 


General ‘consumer information sessions’ are held in English or in French regularly at the Funeral Co-op.  If you wish to refer families to attend a less technical session they may phone the Funeral Co-op of Ottawa and ask about upcoming sessions.


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