Socialism – Bernie, the waffle, class forces, the red scare & academic’s efforts to make relevant to our present

The relevance of “social democracy” in both political rhetoric and the actions for change for both social movements and the “parliamentary road to socialism,” to pull a quote are analyzed with a historical approach, linked to current politics.  I find it useful to sit back and listen to the weaving of these academics efforts to research history and make relevant to our present.

LeftStreamed – Recorded in Peterborough — 24 October 2015:

Socialism and Intellectuals

This was Session VII of the “Dissenting Traditions” conference to
Address the Intellectual and Political Interests of Canada Research Chair,
Bryan D. Palmer at Trent University, 23-24 October 2015.

Moderated by Linda Kealey. Presentations by:

* Christopher Phelps (Nottingham Univ): “Why is There No Socialism Except
on Fox News”
* Leo Panitch (York Univ): “Socialism and Intellectuals in Historical
Perspective: The Canadian Example”

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