Social Worker’s … Duty to “skirt” edge of the law

Beverlee McIntosh shared her SWAG colleague, Anne Bilodeau’s link to an interview on CBC radio about social worker’s duty to advocate and at least question the law.

Beverlee describes it as “A challenge to our thoughts about our practice and our values. It is timely that this comes just after our Evening SWAG which encourages us to look at the Guardianship Legislation  and advocate to make this work for our vulnerable clients and for their caregivers.”

 When Mahatma Gandhi picked up a handful of salt on the shores of Dandi, he started the beginnings of the Indian Independence movement and sparked large scale civil disobedience. The action was illegal under British colonial law, which strictly forbade Indians from gathering grains for their own use.





  1. Patricia Swick

    I heard the interview and would love to invite that professor to speak here at the hospital.

  2. Bill Dare

    Good to have the President of The Canadian Council of Social Work Regulators John Mayr, be part of the discussion with Deena Mandell and the discussion on “taking to the streets” vs. everyday practice.

    In this post Mel Gray’s article on social work role in policy development
    is worth a look as well, to think more about practice.

    Often these practice/policy issues get left to our social work organization/associations (of course excluding regulatory colleges), yet it is clear from the interview with the Australian child welfare social worker, that it is in the everyday practice… the rubber hits the road.

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