Go4BIG, an Ottawa based coalition of people interested in promoting a basic income guarantee pilot project

Lynn Sherwood explains– Go4BIG, Group Ottawa for a Basic Income Guarantee (GO for BIG)  is a very broad based community coalition, including folks from the high tech sector, the social work association and a variety of individuals in the community, is organizing this public consultation on October 17. 

This is the link for information about a public consultation on an Ottawa Pilot Project for Basic Income Guarantee, to be held at The Bronson Centre on October 17, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

 The provincial government has assembled a group of prominent people, led by former senator Hugh Segal, to make recommendations regarding implementing several pilot projects for basic income guarantee in communities across the province.  See details about the initiative here: http://basicincome.org/news/2016/09/ontario-canada-new-report-minimum-income-pilot/
Check out the audio discussion with Michael Enright about Basic Income Guarantee on CBC Sunday Edition on  Sept. 11:

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