Conference aims to address the Policy, Social Innovation, and Community components to … end poverty

From Darlene O’Leary  “Join community, academic, and faith-based organizations in sharing ideas and experiences of how policy, social innovation, and community action can work together to end poverty.”

Ending Poverty Event

Saint Paul University, 223 Main Street | Ottawa, ON
8:30am – 4:00pm | Thursday, October 20, 2016

Speakers will include:

  • Senator Art Eggleton
  • David Macdonald, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
  • Sue Wilson, London Poverty Research Centre
  • Angella MacEwen, Canadian Labour Congress
  • Jocelyn Wattam, First Nations Child and Family Caring Society
  • Simon Tremblay-Pepin, Saint Paul University
  • Joe Gunn, Citizens for Public Justice
  • and more!

Panel discussions and workshops will cover a range of policy, research, and community-based approaches: Basic Income · Indigenous Child Poverty · Human Rights · Community Food Access · Lived Experience of Poverty · Green Economy · Advocacy · Engaging Faith Communities

For more info, contact Darlene O’Leary.



  1. Bill Dare

    Here is a useful background paper from CCPA Basic Income
    Rethinking Social Policy
    EDITED BY: Alex Himelfarb Trish Hennessy
    OCTOBER 6, 2016

    475.1 KB62 pages
    This compendium offers a wide range of considerations that any government or policy maker attempting to embed a basic income as an objective of their mandate ought to consider. The contributors to this compendium have different views on the risks and benefits of a basic income, but all agree that we must not waste this opportunity to rethink welfare and put equality and social justice back at the centre of public policy.

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