Wrestling with basic income as “the way” to end poverty

This article from the Caledon Institute, helps to frame the upcoming  October 20 Ottawa Conference goals https://socialhealthpracticeottawa.wordpress.com/2016/10/07/conference-aims-to-address-the-policy-social-innovation-and-community-components-to-end-poverty/  Micheal Mendelson explains the article ‘Basic Income’ or ‘Bait and Switch’? :

The idea of a Basic Income is much in vogue these days, but is one name being used to describe two different programs? This paper describes a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ Basic Income design to show why we might want the former, but could well end up with the latter. While the search for the silver bullet to once and for all eliminate poverty in a single great swoop is seductive, it leads us away from consideration of practical steps which, while incremental, would substantially reduce poverty and inequality.

see Caledon article here: http://www.caledoninst.org/Publications/PDF/1106ENG.pdf


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