Ontario ministry seeks guidence on how to design a Basic Income pilot

Linda Lalonde and Lynn Sherwood shared this invitation for consultation.  A public consultation is expected in Ottawa in January 2017.

The Minister of Community and Social Services, Dr. Helena Jaczek, and the Minister Responsible for the Poverty Reduction Strategy, the Honourable Chris Ballard, invite you to share your feedback, experiences and ideas on how best to design a Basic Income Pilot.
For details on consultation sessions and to register for a session, visit ontario.ca/basicincome.
Please include:
·         Your full name
·         Your email address
·         Name of organization (if applicable)
·         Any accessibility requirements (e.g. French language services)
Due to limited space, registration will be first come first served, so you are encouraged to register early. Only those who are confirmed for a session will receive a notification email confirming registration.
Unable to attend? Visit ontario.ca/basicincome for more information on how you can participate.
Learn more:
If you choose to provide personal information, the information will be handled according to our Privacy Statement.


La ministre des Services sociaux et communautaires, la Dre Helena Jaczek, et le ministre responsable de la Stratégie de réduction de la pauvreté, l’honorable Chris Ballard, vous invitent à partager vos commentaires, vos expériences et vos idées sur la meilleure façon d’élaborer un Projet pilote portant sur le revenu de base.
Pour obtenir des détails sur les séances de consultation ou pour vous inscrire à une séance, rendez-vous surontario.ca/revenudebase.
Veuillez inclure :
·         Votre nom complet
·         Votre adresse électronique
·         Le nom de l’organisme
·         Toute exigence en matière d’accessibilité (p. ex. services en français)
Comme le nombre de places est limité, l’inscription se fera selon le principe du premier arrivé, premier servi. Nous vous encourageons donc à vous inscrire rapidement. Seules les personnes dont la présence à une séance a été confirmée recevront un courriel pour confirmer leur inscription.
Vous ne pouvez pas assister aux consultations? Rendez-vous sur ontario.ca/revenudebase pour obtenir de plus amples renseignements sur le mode de participation.
Pour en savoir davantage :

Si vous décidez de donner des renseignements personnels, sachez que ces renseignements seront traités conformément à notre déclaration concernant la protection de la vie privée.

For further background information and to connect with Ottawa Community Organization advocates go here: https://basicincomeottawa.wordpress.com/




  1. Bill Dare

    Critique of this initiative by John Clarke —
    “the Ontario Government’s Adviser on Basic Income (BI), Hugh Segal, has released his much heralded discussion paper, “Finding a Better Way,” that sets out his proposals for a lengthy BI pilot project. If the experiment he advocates is put into effect, it will run parallel to the deliberations of a Security Reform Working Group that will be considering changes to the present social assistance system in the province, rather than replacement to it.
    see more here: http://socialistproject.ca/bullet/1330.php

  2. Bill Dare

    from OCAP

    “The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) has drawn up the following statement on basic income (BI). It makes the case that, progressive hopes to the contrary notwithstanding, BI is being developed as a measure of neoliberal attack that should be opposed. We invite progressive organizations and individuals who hold positions in agencies and academic institutions, who agree with our arguments, to sign onto the statement. We hope that it will raise a voice of opposition and help develop information sharing and forms of co-operation among those, internationally, who reject the notion that basic income represents any kind of realistic response to the neoliberal attack.”

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