Taboo triangles

 From Integration and Implementation Insights – Community member post by Charles M. Lines

Occasionally, asking your collaborators about other people and organisations to involve in the joint work may make you aware of ‘taboo triangles’. These occur when currently collaborating people or organisations feel uncomfortable with or even unable to countenance a certain person, group or organisation being invited into their […]

excerpt below…

…Sometimes taboo triangles can lie hidden within the complex cultures of and interactions between professions, only becoming apparent when someone tries to create a new relationship. For example, creating a triangle of influence between doctors, patients and nursing staff should enhance the care given to the patient. However, traditional professional boundaries, assumptions about functions and leadership roles, and perceptions of the appropriateness of professional interactions between medical and nursing staff can limit the formation and effectiveness of these triangles. Indeed, nursing staff who seek to create them can easily be labelled as trouble makers who do not know their place and are disrespectful of those perceived as higher-up the pecking order of professions. However, where these taboo triangles are successfully challenged, they transform into triangles which create trust, increase the influence of key professionals and enhance the care given to patients. …

Source: Taboo triangles


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