Theory of change for an elder abuse program, CRECS Colloquium

For both front line workers and program evaluators there is value to bridge our practice and evaluation.   This presentation promises to help us integrate as well as guide the complexity of practitioner practice knowledge with organizational and program mission.

Colloquium: From the Centre for Research on Educational and Community Services (CRECS)

Representing well a case-management theory of change for an elder abuse program– implications for construct validity
Much attention is being given to using program theory as the foundation for making valid inferences in evaluation. However, case management programs offer unique challenges to valid representation. This research proposes a model for representing program theory validly in a case management program, the Elder Abuse Prevention and Response Services.

France Gagnon, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Education.

Friday March 10 – learn more here:
Registration details: Free. Light lunch will be served. Registration website:
Cost to attend: Free of charge

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  1. Beverlee.

    The grammar in this synopsis is atrocious. You’d think this could have been edited by a native speaker before posting. I wonder how strong the content will be if they are this sloppy publishing the syllabus.

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