Book focus’ on housing, citizenship and community life for people living with serious mental illness

From CRECS enewsletter

CRECS invites you to the launch of a new book:  Housing, Citizenship, and Communities for People with Serious Mental Illness: Theory, Research and Policy Perspectives.

Edited by John Sylvestre, Geoffrey Nelson, and Tim Aubry.

Housing, Citizenship, and Communities for People with Serious Mental Illness provides the first comprehensive overview of the field. The book covers theory, research, practice, and policy issues related to the provision of housing and the supports that people rely on to get and keep their housing. A special focus is given to issues of citizenship and community life as key outcomes for people with serious mental illness who live in community housing. The book is grounded in the values, research traditions, and conceptual tools of community psychology. This provides a unique lens through which to view the field. It emphasizes housing not only as a component of community mental health systems but also as an instrument for promoting citizenship, social inclusion, social justice, and the empowerment of marginalized people. It serves as a resource for researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers looking for up-to-date reviews and perspectives on this field, as well as a sourcebook for current and future research and practice trends.

March 8, 2017. 3:30 pm to 5:30 PM
Alex Trebek Alumni Hall
– 155 Séraphin-Marion Private
RSVP here.

book info:


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