Social Workers need to step directly into guiding the organizations we work within

Lynn Sherwood’s article in Eastern OASW Summer Bulletin helps us step back, consider how we can say out loud “…the Emperor has no clothes.”  She outlines the context for the individual worker within the organization and… the context of the organization in the system of care.  

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…It wasn’t supposed to be like this. The profession of social work began back at the turn of the twentieth century as a response to poverty and to the terrible living conditions of new immigrants to Canada. The agencies and organizations we work for have never been affluent, and we have never represented much more than a finger in the dyke, holding back the rising tides of human misery. This knowledge goes with the territory. Our focus on the relationship between individuals and their social environment, on advocacy for social change, has always been fundamental to our profession. However, in recent years ostensibly laudable expectations of efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, measurable outcomes, have devolved into an uncomfortable acceptance of “The Business Model” of providing social services, leaving us struggling to function in impossible, contradictory situations. …

See the article here  (scroll down to the newsletters, open then go to page 20)


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