Ontario poverty reduction and the elephant in the room, the provincial election

TVO’s, The Agenda https://tvo.org/programs/the-agenda-with-steve-paikin provides a useful overview of the current status of the Ontario provincial poverty reduction strategy and relevance to the Social Determinants of Health, that touches on:

  • the historical failed efforts of 30 years ago – where it went wrong
  • the racialization of poverty currently happening
  •  anecdotal early gains identified from Ontario’s basic income pilots, so far
  • “trickle up” components of whole system approach, including the federal child benefit increases

What haunts the discussion is how will the Ontario government’s effective policy change efforts manage the storm of the May election. 

The reportIncome Security: A Roadmap for Change, is a useful anchor in the storm, see it here:   https://www.ontario.ca/page/income-security-roadmap-change

See the panel discussion here: https://tvo.org/video/programs/the-agenda-with-steve-paikin/committing-to-poverty-reduction


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