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“respect, accomplishment, achievement” – for action, learning, knowledge sharing with ICT

A re-post from Stephen Downes’ enewsletter, , sorry, I can’t find his reference, from the reference.  I found listening to this talk useful as the panel is discussing use of ICT amongst – thinking, our individual character, and I dare say, the sociological context.



Presentation itself is from:



Eastern OASW newsletter– theme on cultural diversity

Many of The Bulletin’s articles for this theme of focus are written by individuals grounded in practice.

Culturally sensitive and culturally responsive social work = Inclusive holistic diverse approaches to service. Our Fall Bulletin explores diverse approaches to serving refugee communities, African and Caribbean clients with mental health issues, and developing creative and collaborative measures for multicultural seniors and our First Nations people. …


Go to and click on “About OASW” and “Branches”

“E-referral” and the development of two way communication between programs/agencies in “Champlain”

From Jaime Constable, Senior Project Advisor, Champlain Community Support Network,  Thanks to SWAG for sharing.  I find their efforts interesting by encouraging a two way exchange of information.  Also I am curious on how 211, Information and Referral fits into this.

Description: Champlain Community Support Network

Making your services open to the public on Caredove

Referrals between agencies and from other sectors into community support services have been steadily increasing. Caredove also enables access by community members directly. Clients and caregivers can search for services and set up their own intake appointments. Some agencies have felt ready to open their services on Caredove for public access, and are asking how.

You are welcome to make your services open for public access, and share the Caredove site with your community members.

Here’s how to make services accessible:
1. Ensure that ‘sign ups’ are enable for all your services listed on Caredove
2. To get there, click on the ‘Settings’ tab in Caredove
3. Select ‘Referral Settings’ from the drop down menu
4. In the Service table at the bottom of the page, ensure that ‘Sign ups Enabled’ is set to ‘Yes’ for each service as appropriate.

Help get the word out to our partners

We want to ensure that our health care partners know more about community support services, and about how easy it is to refer their patients on Caredove. We are offering ongoing webinar introductions to the initiative, and helping other organizations sign up for accounts. Please help us get the word out about these opportunities by sharing the flyer linked below with your contacts in other sectors.

Training for health care partners in other sectors
E-referral to community support services in Champlain 

Tuesday, Dec 12 2017
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

This webinar provides an introduction of the Champlain e-referral to community support services initiative for our partners in other health care sectors. Please share the attached flyer with your contacts in other sectors.

Access the flyer here

Registration open: Champlain E-referral Webinars

Training for Community Support Services Staff
Introduction to Caredove Webinar

Wednesday, Jan 17th, 2017
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

This webinar is an excellent opportunity for new staff or existing staff who have not yet received Caredove training. Topics covered: Searching for services, sending referrals, the Calendar and Referral inbox features.

Register Now
E-referral Community of Practice Meeting

The Community of Practice sessions are designed to take a deeper look at referral processes and emerging changes in practice related to e-referral across the sector. They are also an opportunity to learn about more advanced special functions of Caredove.

We invite you to share any tips or successes from your experience using e-referral. If you are interested in presenting, or if there are special topics you would like to see covered, please e-mail your feedback to Jaime Constable at

Date: Fri Jan 12 2017
Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Register now 



Jaime Constable
Senior Project Advisor
Champlain Community Support Network
Direct: 613-714-9454

Organizing social action via the Internet vs. the need to actually TALK

I have to get off the internet, to read this article by Nadine Moawad ! 

It’s the end of an era for online activism. We have
lost our safe, small, intimate spaces of digital
publishing to corporate giants, state-run troll
armies, and idiotic online commentary. In this
piece, I will offer 8 points of advice to feminists
and queers organizing in digital spaces.

Image result for free images of the internet

Building our understanding of “psychosis,” let the evidence be discussed!

The British, Mental Elf blog is a venue that supports discussion on how practice can be supported by research, with lively discussion.

The British Psychological Society recently produced a document entitled #UnderstandingPsychosis, which outlined views on definitions, aetiology, treatment and suggestions for improving services for people with psychosis and schizophrenia.

The first edition of this report was covered in a Mental Elf blog in 2014 (Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia: a critique by Laws, Langford and Huda), which focused on the sections on medication, CBT and the medical model (Understanding Psychosis and Schizophrenia, 2014).

In this blog we focus on revised sections, pertaining to definitionsaetiology and treatment (Cooke, 2017).

See the article here: 

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 17.36.49

Calls for urgent attention on new Omnibus bill and seeking explanations of the downward trend of health funding in Ontario

When budgets and Legislation meet. The Ontario Health Coalition alerts us to new relevant legislation and Defend Public Health Care critics of the provincial health budget. 

It would be useful to have actual discussion on the meaning and practical impacts of what is happening here.  For example, are provincial funds being strengthened into core parts of the Social Determinants of Health like housing and employment instead of going into the category of health care?  Thus potentially suggesting a re-framing of “Health” by the government? 

Omnibus Legislation

The Ontario government is moving forward with legislation that lifts the ban on private hospitals, rolls private hospitals in with private clinics and renames them, offensively, Community Health Facilities, and makes it easier for private hospitals and clinics to expand and more difficult for the Minister to stop them.

This legislation was brought in with no prior public consultation. It is a massive omnibus bill that repeals or enacts 7 entire Acts, and amends more than 30 Acts. We were given 5 minutes to present to the Standing Committee on this massive piece of legislation. Now we have only four days to try to get the worst part of it withdrawn. Without due consideration of the consequences, the government is making a grave mistake that could easily usher in very significant new privatization and threats to our local public hospitals.

Health care funding

provincial health care expenditures in Ontario and Canada
Across Canada real per person funding is in its fourth consecutive year of increase. Since 2009, real provincial funding across Canada is up $89 — 3.6%.
In fact the funding gap between Ontario and Canada as a whole has gown consistently for years (as set out below in current dollars).
See the full presentation by Doug Alan, Defend Public Health Care here:

Discussion on the National Housing Strategy – homelessness and housing meets the rest of society

In depth discussion where a basic human need, housing relates to the needs of all of us including: homelessness, social housing, renting, and families buying a house.

See panel discussion here: Agenda Discussion on Federal Housing Strategy November 2017