Using social media to advance “big” system change

Helen Bevan says that social media platforms – with multiple examples of  its use in health care in Britain —is key to evolving change management capacity. 

It is a presentation of 98 slides, but they tell the story well.

@HelenBevan #aquatransform 14,000 contributions identified 10 barriers to change: Confusing strategies Over controlling le...

Slide of context of collaborative process

@HelenBevan #aquatransform@HelenBevan #aquatransformFor more information/explanation visit: The Collaboration Pyramid revi...

@HelenBevan #aquatransform@HelenBevan #aquatransform 1. Distil a set of principles for redesign of care models that is glo...

See the complete slide presentation:

Here is link to NHS “white paper” on organizational transformation.

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